Our Righters

Our creative team of Righters takes pride in our ability to craft compelling communications. We get the right message to the right audience at the right time and in the right tone that evokes the right action. That’s a fancy way of saying that we just get it. And we know how to say it so that your audience gets it too.

Our fresh, young and dynamic group comes from various marketing backgrounds, with a keen focus on professional, consultative development. This affords us the opportunity to understand your specific needs, and translate your message into the proper tone and image to get you the results you’re looking for, and avoid the ones you’re not. And we don’t mind being your ghost writers; silent partners so to speak. We’ll help you make your way up the corporate ladder, or land that big deal, or keep that valuable employee that you just can’t figure out how to connect with.

Go ahead, give us your challenge. We can’t wait to WOW you.

Diana aka DiDiana aka “Di.” Di is the brainchild of the Say It Write concept. She’s a serious, energetic, results-producing marketing professional with a knack for leading comprehensive marketing strategies in support of business goals. Marrying this with her entrepreneurial spirit, Di brings the membership-based model to an unsuspecting industry. In her spare time, Di enjoys gardening (although she doesn’t sport a green thumb), golfing (when it isn’t raining) and touring breweries of all shapes and sizes. Her favorite movie is Rocky II, favorite sport is Hockey (go Bruins!) and favorite TV show is a toss-up between American Idol and Three Sheets (and NCIS is a close third).

Joelle aka JoJoelle aka “Jo.” Joelle is Say It Write’s lead righter. She’s a fun, bubbly, and creative spirit that packs a punch with her direct and witty words. Jo’s unique background, working on both the agency side of things AND the client side of things, gives her a unique perspective when crafting compelling messages. Jo is an avid sports fan and you can find her shooting hoops most Wednesday nights. She loves to cry at sappy movies, isn’t afraid to chat with anyone (watch out all “waiters” in the dentist office) and loves the challenge of a tough deadline.

The Network

Meet our gang. We have resources across the country with amazing skills that cross so many different industries. From witty and fun to hard-core professional, we’ve got it all. Our vast network is just one of the things that sets us apart and guarantees that we can get the job done for you as quickly and as effectively as possible. With our network, you’re sure to find someone who can craft all the right words, even if the subject is fly-fishing in Alaska.

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