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Perfect for the mid to large corporation that has multiple users, the small business that needs lots of assistance because there’s just not enough time to focus on writing, the up-and-coming junior executive who wants to make an impression, or the mid-level manager who feels like a clown most days juggling too many balls.

You use our services a lot. You’ve been steadily moving your way up the corporate ladder and have saved boatloads of time and energy by turning to us to get it right. In fact, if you wrote your own correspondence, your boss would think someone else did your work. But don’t worry, we won’t tell!

For a standard monthly fee of $1,200 you get 60 hours of our copywriting services, which you can use through any of our communication methods.

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Perfect for the mid-level manager who has a good handle on communications, but gets stumped from time to time on the tougher pieces, the small business that has occasional needs, or the sales executive who is working on a specific RFP and needs some flair to close the deal.

You use our services occasionally when you get stuck. There isn’t a consistent need, but from time to time, you just need a few words, or a few sentences to get through the rest of the piece. Or, you want to add some flash to a piece to motivate a team to sell more, a client to buy more or more traffic to walk through your store.

For an hourly fee of $35, we’ll bill you based on the time it takes us to complete the job.

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Don’t feel like joining our clan, but have a project you need our specialists for?

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